About us

EqualOcean is an international information service provider and investment research firm that aims to become a global platform for industrial innovation. We strive to make technology inclusive, accessible and transparent.

Founded in October 2018, EqualOcean is an international branch of EO Company, a leading Chinese tech media and investment research organization that is headquartered in Beijing and has offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen and New York.

'In a class of its own'

We have taken upon ourselves the mission of assisting promising Chinese companies in their quest to break into the global market. At the same time, we strive to provide overseas investors and industry players with a deeper understanding of China's business environment.

EqualOcean is bridging the gap between China and the rest of the world. We are aiming to become 'China's first' in our chosen vertical as there are only a few home-grown companies following a similar market strategy. We bet on the country's burgeoning startup scene, which is likely to cultivate a new breed of firms that will be capable of achieving global influence.

What drives us

Our strategy is based on three key pillars: people, global perspective and disruptive innovation.

Valuing rationality and integrity, we endeavor to become an essential engine in the diverse and dynamic global economic system.


Talents are the core element of our success. We look for individuals with a strong commitment to excellence and personal growth, stand-out analytical skills and problem-solving mindset. Encouraging out-of-box thinking and challenge-seeking, we create proper conditions to help our people achieve their professional goals. Eventually, we synthesize the most innovative ideas with EqualOcean's corporate framework to create value in the ever-changing markets.

Global perspective

We learn, think and act globally. Pursuing objectivity, EqualOcean's international team does its best in examining various problems from different angles. We possess a hefty arsenal of business capabilities across a handful of fields and industries and work with clients around the globe.

Disruptive innovation

As a company that zeroes in on the forefront of technology and game-changing business models, we are adopting up-to-date practices internally. We also strive to make a valuable contribution to the industry by boosting information transparency and increasing access to technology and innovation.