EqualOcean - Internal Mechanism and Principles V3.0

EqualOcean intends to become an information service provider and research company with global influence. It is utmost important for us to maintain high standards. The firm's internal mechanism is based on strict principles and rules.

1. Working process

1.1.EqualOcean requires team members to arrive at the office before 9:40 am (or before 10:00 am on Sundays). The lunch break starts at 12:30 pm and ends at 1:45 pm.

1.2.The time mentioned above is the time of everybody getting on their seats. Team leaders and members supervise each other; HR team maintains staff administration through ‘Dingding’.

1.3.If an employee that applies for a personal/sick leave, arrives late due to force majeure or because of issues directly related to the work, he/she needs to inform the team in advance via the WeChat group.

1.4.An employee that comes late due to personal issues or other invalid reasons that are not covered by [1.3] has to send a CNY 100 red envelope to the team’s WeChat group.

1.5.Being late for three times in a month will result in a layoff.

1.6.EqualOcean members can be reached from 7:30 am to 11:30 pm. Team members are supposed to check group messages and emails frequently and respond in a timely manner. As for the important but not urgent matters, our employees communicate via email.

1.7.The ‘Pitch Meeting’ (PM) starts every day at 6:00 pm. The purpose of the PM is to share industry insights and valuable observations.

1.8.Members are asked to submit weekly reports every Saturday summarizing their achievements within the week. The weekly meeting is held every Sunday.

1.9.The strategy meeting takes place at the end of every month and employees should submit their monthly reports at the same time.

1.10.If the computer is left in the office after work time, it has to be locked to ensure safety of the company’s information. The last colleague leaving the office must properly close doors and shut windows to ensure security of the articles in the office.

2. Principles

2.1.EqualOcean is gradually building a partnership structure. In order to prevent any conflict of interest, the firm doesn’t allow partners to have romantic relationships with colleagues. Direct relatives of partners are prohibited from working in the firm. A partner recommending his/her friend or classmate to join EqualOcean shouldn’t take part in the hiring process of the latter.

2.2.Partners are permitted to be aware of the company’s financial situation. EqualOcean implements a strict financial policy, and any dishonest financial claim will lead to layoff.

2.3.Transparency and honesty are the key pillars of EqualOcean’s culture; team members are encouraged to express themselves. We prefer to chat in the WeChat team group rather than private chats.

2.4.We aspire to address various challenges using two honest principles:

2.5.EqualOcean requires its employees to ‘Go High’ as opposed to ‘Go Low’, we always pursue higher standards basing on two principles:

3. Incentives

3.1.The employee of the quarter is awarded CNY 3,000, which is also an important measure for promotion.

3.2.Team members working in EqualOcean for more than one year that get an “excellent employee” title gain the firm’s options. There are two criteria for employees applying for a partnership position: 1. Working in EqualOcean for more than one year; 2. The time onboard should be longer than a half of the firm’s lifespan.

3.3.Monthly salary is divided into base salary and bonus pay. The latter part is assessed by the line manager considering two factors: work-related performance and contribution to the team’s success. The assessment standards are dynamic and expected to change over time.

3.4.To determine an amount of the year-end bonus, EqualOcean relies on operational performance. An employee gains:

3.5.Each of the formal employees receives a unique staff number. This chapter is of temporary nature, and new incentives will be added to the list in the future.

4. Disputes & Disagreements

4.1.Disagreements between different levels of organizational structure: if a disagreement arises, superiors are obliged to explain their position in detail. Subordinates are expected to persuade the higher-level employees with well-backed arguments. If mutual agreement isn’t reached, the lower-level employee should obey the superiors.

4.2.If the conflict between employees of the same level happens, they have to report to a higher-level employee and obey the decisions made by him/her.

4.3.Arguments and disputes should be backed up by evidence instead of personal emotions. If both parties lack evidence, higher industry standards will be used.

4.4.EqualOcean doesn’t accept the ‘one person – one vote’ concept as well as any type of dictatorship. Each of the team members have different voting rights across various areas of specialization.

5. Onboarding, Probation & Elimination

5.1.New employees must change alias photo/profile picture in WeChat app to professional alias photo/profile picture. In order to participate in the new staff training held at the EO headquarters, new colleagues need to complete a review of the first day of employment: an employee is supposed to read the company’s Internal Mechanism and Principles, think it over and write down personal thoughts and questions about the regulations without use of any digital devices in a separate room/conference room for at least one hour. On the first day of employment, a new member is exposed to a brief examination conducted by the team.

5.2.Requirements to be met before the probation period is over:

For analysts – at least one research report and three in-depth analysis articles published.

5.3.After the probation period ends, the candidate is evaluated by the EqualOcean full-time employees. If he/she passes the first round of examination, the final round takes place at the EO headquarters.

5.4.The elimination mechanism based on monthly KPI scores: