QKM Technology Awarded by Chinese Government in Intelligent Manufacturing Project
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QKM Technology Chairman SHI Jinbo. PHOTO: Credit to QKM Technology

Dec 20, 22 Intelligent Manufacturing Projects were launched at the Songshan Lake Robotics and Intelligent Equipment Industry Conference, with a total of nearly USD 203 million being invested in these projects.

The Chinese government is strengthening Songshan's position as a cultivation hub for the robot and intelligent equipment companies in Southern China.

SF Holdings Group(顺丰) plans to build SF Dongguan Science and Technology Innovation center, advanced robot research and development center, unmanned technology R&D center, robot industry talent cultivation center, the smart logistics R&D center in Songshan Lake Science and Technology Park.

In addition to SF, Shenzhen Daoyuan Industrial Co., Ltd.( 深圳道元实业), a leading enterprise in the field of automatic labeling machines, plans to relocate to Songshan Lake Science and Technology Park and build its headquarter there. Also, the leading enterprise of automatic testing equipment, Shenzhen Sirong Technology Co., Ltd.( 深圳思榕科技) also plans to build their headquarter in Songshan.

According to OUYANG Nanjiang(欧阳南江), deputy secretary of the Songshan Lake Party Affairs Committee and director of Songshan Lake Management Department said this is a golden age for Songshan Lake area's development, a lot of valuable investment opportunities will emerge in this period of time. Songshan Lake area is planning to make full use of the limited space, to build it into a robot and intelligent equipment accelerator base, which would cover an area of 23.4 acres of lands.

In order to implement the government's instruction on Further develop Robots and Intelligent Equipment Industry in Songshan Lake, according to "Temporary Measures for Promoting the Development of" (hereinafter referred to as the "Interim Measures"), more than USD 522,000 was awarded to 8 companies in this conference.

It is reported that seven companies including QKM Technology(李群自动化) have received encouragement and awards. QKM Technology received a subsidy of nearly 1 million RMB, which equals approximately USD 145,000. "We are very happy to receive the subsidy and the support from the government." said the founder of QKM Technology SHI Jinbo. She revealed that the subsidy will be used for marketing.

In Songshan Lake area, participating in exhibitions is a large part of expenses for most of the enterprises. But it is a necessity for these robot companies to be seen in the important yearly exhibitions at home and abroad, to obtain orders and to understand the latest developments in the industry.

According to SHI, QKM Technology participates in large and small exhibitions every year, spendings each time range from USD 28,000 to USD 145,000. With the subsidies, her company could do better at the exhibitions. "We have been planning to participate in international exhibitions recently." At present, QKM Technology has set its eyes mainly on international exhibitions in Germany, the United States, and Japan.

It is understood that in order to help these high-tech companies with their marketing, based on the instructions in interim measures, after the approval of the Science and Technology Innovation Bureau in Songshan Lake Science and Technology Park, 50% of the venue fee and booth layout fee will be reimbursed for the participating companies which meet certain conditions. In addition, Chinese high-tech enterprises that hold new product launches, host industry-related forums and conferences in Songshan Lake will also get subsidies from the government.

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