Looking for Further Growth, Kujiale is Betting On Its Intelligent Custom Bathroom Design
COVID-19 and China
Kujiale's home design.. PHOTO: Kujiale

China's real estate industry just had a tough year in 2018, most blame the curbings launched by Chinese Government to cool down the industry. The policy will bring great benefits to the general public, but not the same for the property developers. Furthermore, the latest Reuters poll result could add more pain and sorrow to Chinese house developers, the world's second-largest economy's property market is expected to cool further in 2019, with smaller price rises and falling home sales adding to the pressure.  "There will be a significant downside risk in real estate next year - it's mainly due to more visible contractions in smaller tier-3 and tier-4 cities," said an analyst with China Institute of Real Estate Appraisers and Agents (CIREA).

However, we should not rush to the conclusion that the home design and furnishing sector would be severely damaged by the compromised macro environment of the housing market. Home design and furnishing industry are affected, but interestingly, the image of the industry does not entirely resemble the one for the Chinese housing market in a whole. The strict real estate regulation, in fact, forced the public to purchase fewer properties; however, recognition and expectation on high level fully furnished houses are growing every year, and consumers might spend more on upgrading and improving their existing properties more often. As the demand for high living standard and more comfort in their living space further develops, consumers will make more and continuous efforts on decorating and furnishing their residences. 

On the other hand, the traditional sub-industries hit the "ceiling" these recent years, home design and furnishing companies are seeking potential growth opportunities.

The good news is that as the millennium consumers start to contribute to the home design and furnishing market, there is a tendency for these consumers to opt for high-level comfort and tasteful lifestyle when decorating and furnishing their living space. Moderately heavy investment on bathroom space seems significantly, however peculiar, add to contentment to their living condition. Companies with a strong sense of industry trend have established fully customized bathrooms for their consumers to take their first bite. This has quickly become a potential element leading to further growth and ample opportunities in the industry.

Kujiale (酷家乐) is one of the companies who reacted fast to the new industry trend. It launched fully-customized bathroom solution using their tech-savvy platform, it said it is redefining the industry with the help of their platform to create full customization of bathroom space in terms of "space, product, and service".

Kujiale realized the core of full customization for bathroom space is to make the space being efficiently and properly utilized, to enable the bathroom with ascetic value and great function, to make sure consumers enjoy the ultimate comfort when using it. Only by integrating these values together can it be regarded as the true bathroom full customization. 

Five features in Kujiale's bathroom full customization:

Firstly, a number of needs that require in-advanced customized design mentioned by consumers when making purchasing decisions of bathtubs require satisfaction. Kujiale, therefore, offered the freedom of adjusting the details of the bathtubs on their platform prior to purchasing.

Secondly, Kujiale expanded customers' options for shower room shapes, including diamond, T-shape and horizontal line. Kujiale could also assist the designer in finding the suitably sized shower room door according to the floor plan and available space by utilizing the company's high-tech enabled platform. It could also meet the accessory installment and maintenance requirements of its customers. (Such as adding floor drain, material replacement, door handle replacement, etc.)

Thirdly, via Kujiale's platform, the bathroom brands can split their integral bathroom product - showerhead system into individual components, also allow homeowners to make multiple combinations to achieve their expected effect.

Fourthly, bathroom cabinet is also an important object which demands attention in bathroom design. The countertops, basins, faucets, cabinet doors, door handles and so on can all be customized upon clients' requests using Kujiale's platform.

Lastly, Kujiale provides designers with the convenience of quickly matching suitable accessories to the style of the bathroom chosen within one click of the mouse when employing Kujiale's intelligent home design platform featuring cloud rendering and AI, helping the designer to reduce a lot of workloads.

Kujiale hopes to promote the digitalization of customization for entire houses and individual rooms in the home design and furnishing industry. Also, in order to better serve the bathroom brands in the future, Kujiale will continuously introduce high-tech backed products and solutions.


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