Tongdun Technology Achieve The Win-Win Cooperation With China UnionPay
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According to, Tongdun Technology (同盾科技) achieved the win-win cooperation with China UnionPay (中国银联) on December 12, 2018. Tongdun will provide its leading technology in big data, artificial intelligence, cloud technology for China UnionPay, and achieved its win-win cooperation with China UnionPay in artificial intelligent control system. 

Tongdun Technology, as the leading third party technology service company in risk control management and data analysis, helped the set up of the intelligent risk control model for UnionPay. Recently, Tongdun Acquired PCI DSS, With Security Technology Meets International Standard, and the PCI Security Standard is the highest level of information security standard that is issued by PCI Security Standards Council, which is co-founded by several major card schemes like Visa and Mastercard. With the security technology supported by Tongdun, China UnionPay can minimize the transaction risk of the China UnionPay payment system. 

Tongdun Technology: Rebuild the Financial Risk Management With AI, provides a set of solutions for the financial institutions as a service company. Focusing on its AaaS (Analytics-as-a-Service) concept, Tongdun Technology continuously improves its technology in deep learning, artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud calculation. With leading artificial intelligence technology deeply rooted in the financial industry, Tongdun Technology provides the financial calculating models for UnionPay to achieve the goals in real-time analysis and transaction risk determination. The models will be perfectly embedded with UnionPay's current framework of risk management. 

Tongdun has almost 1000 employees, more than 70% of them are from R&D Department. As a technical company that aims to be the best service company in risk control management, Tongdun's strategy is to keep investing their technology. Tongdun Techonology Bags A "Best Risk Management Partner" Award From Asiamoney with its persistence in the technology. With a clear goal and a rapid development trend, Tongdun will cooperate with more financial institutionand Tongdun will possibly become a leading techfin company in the future.

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