Kujiale Goes International: COOHOM Debuted at the High Point Market
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Coohom at the High Point Market. PHOTO:

From October 13th to 17th, The High Point Market, the largest home furnishings industry trade show in the world. This is also unequivocally the largest, the most influential, and the home furnishings fair with the longest history in the United States. It is a magnet gathering famous industry giants, popular home design brands and the most talented designers.

Kujiale, the home design platform, (more about Kujiale see: Cloud Rendering, AI, VR and AR, Kujiale is Trying Its Best;  Kujiale was Awarded 2018 Influential Brand By Baidu;) took its international variant COOHOM to the High-Point Market in the United States and announced its official entry into the North America market and established cooperation partnerships with a number of overseas home furnishing companies, Kujiale's "Go international" strategy has been further accelerated. Till now, COOHOM has already enabled downloading experiences for App Store users in the US and Canada.

The High Point Market has always been the awe-inspiring event in the international home furnishings industry. Ever since its inception in 1913, the high-profile exhibition always receives enormous attention from companies all over the world. Every exhibition could attract approximately 2,000 exhibitors from more than 110 countries worldwide.

Kujiale is a home design platform powered by its superb cloud rendering technology, featuring excellent user-platform interaction aided by VR, AR, and AI technologies. They wish to enable its customers with the experience of "what you see is what you get". The platform is capable of generating home design plans within 5 minutes, home improvement renderings under 10 seconds, and perfected VR project allowing its users 360-degree real-time viewing experience for space the platform designed for them. Kujiale is committed to creating a healthy and potent ecosystem that connects global designers, home furnishings brands, decoration companies, and homeowners.

COOHOM is the international version of Kujiale, and it is also the first step for Kujiale to enter the international market. At this stage, COOHOM has launched a platform for interior design relying on its cloud rendering technology, with abundant 3D models available, that supports PC and Pad operations.

Although engineered to be a professional software, the operation of it is not complicated for users at all. COOHOM granted its users to exert unlimited creativity thanks to its colossal model library of numerous 3D product models. To help users to complete space and layout planning more efficiently, Kujiale introduced AI to assist with house-wide virtual touring and intelligent designing. COOHOM has also made great innovations in interactive experience design, catered to the touch screen pads and tablets. Seamless switching between 2D and 3D house tours can be achieved. Users can even recover a floor plan via one straightforward procedure with the support of the AR measuring feature.

COOHOM made its debut at this year's Asia Consumer Electronics Show, CES Asia 2018, and won the CES Asia 2018 Innovation Award for its unique features and industry-leading technology. The award is designed to honor breakthrough technologies in the development of 20 different categories of products. It is one of the most credible awards in the scientific and technological community.

Participating in the US High Point Market, Kujiale launched the virgin show of its international variant COOHOM. In COOHOM's Market Square booth M-6010, anyone could have a go of the innovative features of COOHOM, while people in the US and Canada can download it on the App Store and experience it.

Participation in the exhibition also announced COHOOM's official landing in the North America market. The company also strengthened its understandings in international market trends in the home and furnishings industry, exchanged the latest business-related technologies and new concepts, inaugurated cooperation partnerships with a number of overseas home furnishing brands.

The global home and furnishings market is approximately USD 2 trillion, and the US market is about USD 145.94 billion. Through its international expansion strategy, Kujiale could no doubt significantly enlarge its business scale; also make Chinese home furnishing brands accessible to worldwide customers. Kujiale is planning to add a further USD 14.6 million investment to build the world's largest virtual warehouse for home furnishing products in the next three years.

Kujiale's international expansion has accelerated after its formal entry of the North America market. Next, COOHOM will continue to bridge home design professionals, home furnishing enterprises and homeowners with the aid of its high-tech backed platform.


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