Merit Interactive Has Passed The IPO Approval Examine
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According to, Merit Interactive (每日互动) has passed its IPO (Initial Public Offerings) approval examine on December 11, 2018. After Baidu (百度) invested Series E in Merit Interactive in June 2017, Merit Interactive was valued at USD 660 Million then. The approval examine from IPO indicates that Merit Interactive may be listed on the ChiNext soon. 

Founded in 2010, Merit Interactive is a third-party push notification service company and provides Software Development Kit (SDK) for Andorid and iOS system. With the SDK services, Merit Interactive can help the enterprises and developers to build the message push system. By using well trained artificial intelligence technology, Merit Interactive can target the customers efficiently and accurately, and Merit Interactive's clients benefit from the technogy as there will be more customers by using SDK services. Merit Interactive trains its artificial intelligence technology through SDK services, and expand its business into mobile internet industry.

currently, Merit Interactive has four main subsidiaries: Ge Tui (个推), aBeacon (个灯), iGexin (个信), aTrip (个旅). Ge Tui can analyse the customers' multi-dimension data and provides the customers' personas to Ge Tui's clients. Hence, the product managers and developers can further improve their apps with the tags and personas Ge Tui provides. With its mature technology, Ge Tui has better functions, and runs smoothly and steadily. Also, Ge Tui can provide a specific data report with the data of new customers, retained customers and online customers, the data report is very useful to the enterprises and developers to further imporve the apps. 

With the cumulative data and well trained artificial intelligence technology, aBeacon builds a leading data management platform (DMP) and provides advertising services for companies. aBeacon keeps cumulative its technology by serving numbers of companies like Colgate, Cartier, McDonald's, Lancome, Belle, etc. aBeacon focuses on the offline scene advertising, and iGexin focuses on the online scene advertising. iGexin can provide notification bar and in-app advertisement with appropriate method, which is supported by its DMP. aTrip focuses only on the travelling, it can provide the persona of tourists and the whole data report for the travelling site. This can benefit the government's risk control and the advertising for the enterprises. 

As a leading third-party push notification service provider, the approval examine of IPO is a good news for Merit Interactive. This indicates Merit Interactive is developing steadily in its business mode, and it will probably be listed on the Second Board in 2019. 

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