Didi Cooperates With Shenzhen Airport For The Spring Festival
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A driver is using Didi. Photo: Credit to Didi Official Website

Feb 2, 2019 /EqualOcean/ - According to, Didi Chuxing (滴滴出行) has cooperated with Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport for the Spring Festival. Yesterday, Didi passenger resting area is open to public and people can see it from Shenzhen Bao'an Airport Ground Traffic Center (GTC). This is the deeper cooperation with Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport after the previous coorperations in establishing the first Didi station at an airport and the first car-hailing service passenger.

The Didi passenger resting area provides a set of service for the customers: the consulting and online ordering service of car-hailing, the conducting and inquiring service for the locations in the airport and places of interest in Shenzhen. Aside from the customer service, Didi Chuxing also provides the car drivers a specific resting area, and it is more convenient for the car drivers to have meals, go to restroom and park their cars.

The Spring Fesitival is the most important holiday in China, and Chinese people all hope a reunion with their families. Shenzhen is one of the most developed cities in China. Many officers and workers choose to go back to their hometown, and many tourists want to visit Shenzhen to enjoy a warm winter as well. On January 31,2019, Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport inbound and outbound traffic reached the new high, and there are more than 156.3 thousand passengers, accroding to Chinese aviation media

As the number of passengers is increasing rapidly at the same time number of taxis is decreasing. Many taxi drivers choose to have several days off around the spring festival as well. Hence, the car-hailing service could fit the needs for both the passengers and the airport: the passengers could find an easier way to their destination, and the airport could keep the order and safety by providing car-hailing service. Didi Chuxing grasps this chance, and the cooperation will benefit the company in the long run as the passengers from the airport always pay high fares.

Founded in 2012, Didi Chuxing is regarded as the Uber in China. This ride-hailing company has dominated the market since 2016, the time it acquired the Uber's Chinese branch. Now, Didi Chuxing provides service for more than 21 million drivers and 500 million customers. With superior service provided in the airport, the company could have chance to serve for more customers and seek for better development in the future.

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