LIN Bin Analyses The Reason for Xiaomi 9's Shortage
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LIN Bin, the president of Xiaomi, Photo: Credited to Xiaomi

Mar 17, 2019 /EqualOcean/ - On Mar 16, 2019, LIN Bin (林斌), the president of Xiaomi, posted on Weibo to talk about the shortage of Xiaomi 9. According to LIN Bin, the reason for the shortage is the lack of process management experience. LIN believes that it is necessary for Xiaomi to build an excellent development process of integrated products. That’s the way for Xiaomi to systematically improve its ability in production competitiveness, technology innovation, quality, reducing costs, production promotion, and market sales. The only way for Xiaomi to systematically solve problems such as shortage is through the excellent process and improved production ability.

When talking about the shortage of Xiaomi 9, LIN Bin says that “if you want to ask me to tighten the screws in order to calm down, I will be willing to tighten them while keep studying.”

Previously, LEI Jun (雷军), the founder and CEO of Xiaomi, says that Xiaomi has entered the second stage of entrepreneurship. Improving its systematical management ability and strengthening the cadre’s personally ability is pressing matters.

On Mar 14, Xiaomi officially announced that the Xiaomi 9 shortage led to Xiaomi 9 SE and Xiaomi 9’s transparent version to be canceled. All the employees of Xiaomi’s production line would try their best to produce more phones.

On Mar 15, LEI Jun posted on Weibo that he would go to the factory to “tighten the screws” of Xiaomi 9 if the inventory of the new phone is less than 1 million in the first month. In addition, LEI Jun says that he will let everybody see the inventory of Xiaomi 9 on Mar 19. 

However, Xiaomi’s fans do not agree with LIN Bin. One review said that Xiaomi should accumulate experience because shortages happen frequently. Since Xiaomi has published so many models, he does not believe LIN Bin’s idea that Xiaomi lacks process management experience. As one of the largest phones manufactures in China, Xiaomi should be well prepared for the sale of its new model, and not to just use social media to apologize.




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