Xiaomi May Publish Its Double-Sided Fold-able Phone In Next Quarter
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The Foldable Phone. Photo: Credited to Xiaomi

On Jan 23, the co-founder and president of Xiaomi, LIN Bin showed the Xiaomi’s double-side foldable mobile phone. On Mar 15, according to the media, Xiaomi’s double-side foldable phone would be released in the second quarter, with the price of around USD 999, which is cheaper than Huawei and Samsung’s models.

Xiaomi is such an amazing company, which could massively produce “noble” productions at a normal price. In the first quarter of 2019, Huawei and Samsung published their foldable phone with a price that most people cannot afford it. The price of Huawei Mate X is USD 2600 and the price of Samsung Galaxy Fold would be USD 1980. However, Xiaomi never let us down. According to the media, since the Galaxy Fold and Mate X all are the flagship model of their brands, the Xiaomi’s double-side foldable mobile phone may also be equipped with the flagship-level configuration. For example, the Snapdragon 855 platform, the 8 GB or 10 GB memory, and the brand new MIUI interaction system, etc.

According to LIN Bin (林斌), the president of Xiaomi, the Xiaomi’s foldable phone conquered difficult problems including the flexible foldable screen technology, the four-wheel folding revolving shaft technology, the flexible cover board technology, as well as the adaptation of MIUI. The symmetrical double-sided foldable design combines the phone and pad perfectly, which is beautiful and practical.

LIN Bin says that he has considered 2 names of the new model of phone: Xiaomi Dual Flex and Xiaomi Mix Flex. It would be one of the most important models of Xiaomi which aims to occupy the high-end phone market. However, Royole, the first company who release and sell the foldable phone, posted a different opinion of Xiaomi’s foldable phone. FAN Junchao (樊俊超), the vice president of Royole, shows negative information about Xiaomi. According to FAN, the double-side foldable phone of Xiaomi is a concept model with a concept screen from other brands, and the Xiaomi’s announcement that “conquered the flexible foldable screen technology” is fraud publicly.

According to FAN, only Royole, Samsung and LG can massively produce the foldable phone, and all the models of other company are the concept model with a concept screen. “Just sell your productions and stop bullshitting. Stop using the concept to mislead others but acting like an ostrich abroad”, FAN says.

It still requires some time for Xiaomi to publish its Xiaomi Dual Flex, but with the cheaper price and the flagship-level configuration, as well as its double-side foldable screen, we do hope the Xiaomi Dual Flex would be a big surprise to the world.

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