Huawei Helps Australia and Germany to Build Telecom System
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Huawei would serve more people with the arrival of 5G time. Photo: Credited to Huawei.

Mar 18, 2019 /EqualOcean/ - On Mar 18, according to the foreign media, the Germany Railway Company announced that they disagree with the elimination of Huawei to join the updating project of the telecom system and will use Huawei’s technology in the future. 
According to the report of Lianhe Zaobao, a Singapore’s media, on Mar 18, 2019, the Germany Railway Company is an important state-owned transport enterprise, and since the signal network is responsible for the arrangement of the railway transportation in Germany and abroad, the safety of the network would be of vital importance. Currently, Europe is updating its radio telecom system uniformly, and Germany should also update its signal network. It is estimated that the total project would cost EUR 500 million
The report said that Germany would ask Huawei and Siemens’ Atos to update the northern system of Germany Railway. For the southern part, Germany will ask Nokia to finish it. The spokesman of Germany Railway Company confirmed that the company has signed the related agreement with Huawei which required Huawei to obey the Germany law. On the other hand, the U.S. keeps putting pressure on Germany and threatened that if Germany allows Huawei to join in the 5G construction, the U.S. would limit the military and intelligence cooperation with Germany. On Mar 17, 2019, the Australia government approved Huawei to provide the digital telecom system for the Australia railway. Although the U.S. tried to stop this program, Huawei successfully wins the project worth more than USD 200 million and will be implemented in West Australia. 
On Mar 14, Russian Satellite Network cited the ABC’s report that the Justice Department of U.S. urged the Australia government to investigate the Chinese technology tycoon, Huawei, to make sure whether its production may offer an opportunity for other countries to enter the infrastructure of Australia. According to the report, Huawei would build around 80 Radio velocimeters and mobile stations on Perth, which is the capital of West Australia. The radio network will be used in 2021 to serve train drivers, service staff and security staff. 
Both Australia and Germany insisted to introduce Huawei to the construction of its telecom system, which shows Huawei’s leading technology. With the arrival of 5G, Huawei could do more to serve the people from all over the world and bring its technology everywhere. 

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