Revolution of Charging System Or Just A Conception? Xiaomi Will Tell You Later
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The fast-charging system. Photo: Credit by Xiaomi

Technology changes our lives all the time. When we were using Nokia’s productions, is hard for us to think about the trans-era innovation productions such as the iPhone. When it takes several hours for us to fully charge our phones, we can hardly imagine that one day it takes us only 17 minutes to fully charge our phone.

On the evening of Mar 25, 2019, LIN Bin (林斌), the president of Xiaomi, announced that Xiaomi will publish a new charging technology which could fully charge a 4000mAh battery with 17 minutes with a 100W power efficiency.  

So far, the highest charging efficiency is the OPPO’s 50W supercharging system.  However, Xiaomi’s new technology, which names Super Charging Turbo, is way much better than OPPO. According to an experimental video released by LIN Bin, in 17 minutes, the OPPO could only charge 65% of a battery with 3700mAh, while the Xiaomi’s technology could fully charge a 4000mAh battery. In addition, what OPPO charged is a powered-off phone while Xiaomi charged a powered-on phone. In this way, Xiaomi did a really great job in terms of battery charging.

LIN Bin’s announcement shows Xiaomi’s R&D strength. It’s known to all that the endurance capacity is always the weakness that affects the use of mobile phones. For one thing, there’s no breakthrough innovation for battery technology; for another, the battery capacity cannot increase without limitation because of the space and shape of the phone. In this way, the fast-charging technology is commonly used in the mobile phone industry. Xiaomi used to be a normal player in the fast-changing industry. However, with the Xiaomi Mix3 and Xiaomi 9’s publication, the charging efficiency of Xiaomi increased a lot. Xiaomi Mix 3, provides the 18W wired fast-charging system and the 10W wireless fast charging system. However, Xiaomi 9, which published in early 2019, was equipped with 28W wired fast charging and 20W wireless fast charging.

Comparing Xiaomi with its competitors such as Huawei, Vivo, OPPO and Meizu, Xiaomi’s fast charging ability is relatively weak.

The Super Charge Turbo announced by LIN Bin on Mar 25, however, reached 100W power and could fully charge a 4000mAh battery with 17 minutes. The efficiency of this technology has almost doubled the technology of other companies. However, new problems need to be solved including the heat dissipating, battery safety and battery life. According to Xiaomi, it would hold a conference on Mar 26, 2019, to deeper introduce the Super Charging Turbo technology.

As an analyst, I believe that it is of vital importance that whether the Super Charge Turbo technology could be massively produced. The commercialization of a 100W power charging system would never be easy, and how could Xiaomi conquer the problems I mentioned is still unknown. In early 2019, LIN Bin showed Xiaomi’s dual-foldable phone and attracted lots of attention. However, the conception model means nothing without massive production. In addition, Mar 26 is the date when Huawei would publish its P30, the new flagship model of Huawei. The appearance of Xiaomi’s Super Charge Turbo might be regarded as the threat to Huawei. However, whether the P30 of Huawei has already developed a better charging system is known either.


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