Guojia Cooperates with Jiwei Security to Publish A Safety Solutios
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Guojia Smart Lock. Photo: Credit to Guojia

Recently, Guojia Technology cooperated with Jiwei Security. Both companies agreed to make use of their advantages to build the security system of the smart lock. Jiwei Security is a leading IoT security service provider in China. Jiwei invented KiwiVM code virtualization products and mobile application reinforcement products, which is easy to use, stable, reliable and have high compatibility. Currently, Jiwei has served many industries including finance, social, game, education and IoT, and the customer of Jiwei are mainly leading players in their industry, including Qinghai Bank, NHN, YY, New Oriental, Shangqi Group and Zhongkong Group. There are more than 20 thousand users registered on Jiwei, and the number of App which Jiwei served is more than 40 thousand. In addition, Jiwei’s service covered more than 100 million devices.

Recently, the smart lock industry developed rapidly and attracted many players. According to Sootoo Institute, there are about 600 doors in China, while the number of smart locks is less than 5%. Assuming that the average lifetime for a lock is 10 years, then every year, there are about 5000 locks need to be changed. In this way, the lock market has a quite bright future which is even better than the mobile phone market, which has already been a stock market. With the tendency of consumption updating, the popularity rate of the smart lock would increase in the future. According to Sootoo Institute, 86.8% of the consumers concerning the safety of the lock, and the convenience and practicability are also of vital importance. In this way, the smart lock industry requires a high level of safety control and more resources to meet the high-level standard.

Guojia is the smart lock brand belongs to the Beijing Huohe Technology Company. Serving long/short-term rental apartments, hotels, and families, Guojia aims to promote the quality of smart productions and bring a better living environment to its customers. Currently, Guojia’s smart lock has installed in millions of apartments and served more than 60 million people. Jiwei cooperated with Guojia to improve the safety of smart lock, the safety of Internet communication, the safety of mobile-end Apps, in order to promote the overall safety of the smart lock ecologic system.

This solution aims to protect the smart lock with the embedded code protection and trusted terminal identification, to protect the mobile-end Apps with the source code auditing, penetration testing, mobile application security reinforcement, and dynamic protection, to protect the Internet communication with the white-box protection technology.

Several features of the solution should be pointed out. Firstly, this technology is a cross-platform solution, which makes use of the code virtualization technology to solve the safety issues in mobile Apps, internal code of the lock and communication process. Plus, the solution is highly flexible. For different protecting targets, it could adjust the level in safety risks with the difference of system performance. Last, the solution could cover different operating systems. Traditionally, the security enterprises can only provide the App safety reinforcement service to Android or iOS platforms, but cannot take care of the other devices in the IoT environment. However, the solution created by Jiwei and Guojia could serve different platforms and connect more devices in the IoT system.

The cooperation between Guojia and Jiwei makes the standardization of smart lock industry. It is expected that the security solution made by Guojia and Jiwei would become the new Industry benchmark and promote the smart lock industry to develop in a safer and smarter way.



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