XAG Published Smart Seeds Sowing System
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XAG's drones. Photo: Credit to XAG

On Apr 25, 2019, XAG published its smart sowing system for drones in Hongyuan County, Sichuan province. Meanwhile, XAG cooperated with the Hongyuan government to establish the first plant protection team for grassland, to help with the seeds sowing in grassland area and the income promotion for local farmers. FAN Xuemin (范学民), the government official from the Department of Agriculture, YANG Lin (杨林), the vice president of China Agricultural Mechanization Association, attended the conference along with other officials. They gave full recognition to the XAG’s exploring of the new scenarios of the agriculture.

The XAG’s smart sowing system is specifically designed for the seed sowing and plant protection, which could be applied to the sowing of 1-10mm seeds such as grass seeds and rice seeds, and chemical fertilizer in a solid state. PENG Bin (彭斌), the CEO of XAG, said that comparing with the traditional ways, the smart sowing system has a lower cost while a higher efficiency. Taking the seed sowing process of rice as an example. The XAG smart sowing system could finish the seeds sowing for more than 80 Mu per hour, which equals to the efforts of 50-60 farmers. On the other hand, XAG’s smart sowing system uses the roller batchmate design, which could precisely control the sowing density, and solved the traditional problems in the seeds sowing process. In addition, XAG has the JetSeed™ system, which is XAG’s patent and could precisely put the seeds into the targeting places.

Seeds sowing, as the most fundamental process of agriculture, would directly affect the farmers’ income. In this way, the quality of the sowing of the seed, and the maturity of the related system is of vital importance. XAG, with its 6 years experiences accumulation, has the self-developed flying control system, and the RTK navigation facilities, which guarantees the high quality of the seeds sowing.

XAG’s drones make use of the AI map to achieve a precisely seeds sowing. With the help of AI technology and remote sensing, the XAG’s drones could intelligently recognize the areas where the grass is sparse and automatically generate the AI map of the grassland. The XAG P30 drones could achieve a precisely seeds sowing with the help of the AI map, which could greatly improve the efficiency. Previously, a farmer could do the seeds sowing for 10 Mu farmland per day, while the XAG’s drones’ efficiency is as high as 80 Mu per hour, around 640 Mu per day, which equals to 64 farmers. With the promotion of the seeds sowing for the grassland, XAG will build the digital grassland platform with the related government departments to monitor the growth of forage grass and promote the construction of the local ecology.

According to the statistics, the total market capacity of Chinese pesticides is about CNY 150 billion. With the Department of Agriculture’s goal, which aims to lower the use of pesticides, it is important to increase the spraying efficiency by using drones. GONG Jiaqin (龚槚钦), the co-founder of XAG, said that in China, 70% of the pastures required to be seed sowed, and the XAG’s seeds sowing drones could also be applied to scenarios such as fisheries and forestry.


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