WM Motor Deliveries 2,056 EX5 in May
COVID-19 and China
WM EX5. PHOTO: WM Motors

WM Motor, one of the biggest Chinese new car manufacturers published the delivery number of May on June 11, 2019. Data shows that the EX5 delivered 2056 units in a single month. In addition, the company announced that it has expanded its "Zhixing partners" from 78 to 85 and now covers 57 cities.

Founded in 2015, WM Motor has since grown to a workforce of over 3,000 employees. WM is the only emerging EV manufacturer in China that has a self-owned and operated manufacturing facility and products that are currently in mass delivery. The company has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, equipped with mass customization capability, and an additional manufacturing facility under construction in Huanggang, Hubei Province. 

WM Motor released its deliveries for the first quarter of 2019 on April 9. By the end of March, WM Motor has started the delivery work in 29 cities across the country. In January 2019, the delivery volume of WM was 1,864.

NIO, the biggest new car manufacturer in China only delivered 1, 089 ES8 in May. In this way, WM is in the lead for this month. But with WM Motor aiming to sell 100,000 vehicles in 2019, the pressure in the next few months is palpable.

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