Shanghai Releases Guideline to the Development of 5G Network and Application
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Shanghai Economics and Information Technology Committee released and explained the Shanghai Government Guideline to the development of 5G network and application.

This guideline is an extension of a previous government file, aiming to accelerate the implementation of the "Shanghai Municipality to Promote the Construction of a New Generation of Information Infrastructure – Three-Year Action Plan for Enhancing Urban Energy Level and Core Competence (2018-2020)", a policy introduced last year.  

The three-year plan has four key tasks, to improve network speed, data capability, computing efficiency, and connectivity. This 5G guideline is an important part to solve the first key issue – network speed. 

Detailed information behind 5G guideline includes a three-year 5G deployment goal and several major tasks. 

By the end of this year, Shanghai plans to build 10,000 5G base station to achieve full coverage of key urban areas and suburbs, and to build application demonstration zones, forming about 10 demonstration applications. In 2020, the goal is to achieve 20,000 base station construction and cover the whole Shanghai area, with total investment surpassing CNY 20 billion, covering 100 application scenarios in 20 vertical areas. By the end of 2021, the number of base station is to reach 20,000 with a total investment of more than CNY 30 billion. This plan will cultivate 100 innovative enterprises in 5G application fields at that time and the scale of 5G application will exceed CNY 100 billion. 

To achieve the goal requires careful execution of planned tasks. First, it is important to make a plan for the location of 5G base stations and makes detailed construction plans with specific jobs distributed to city-level and district-level government divisions. 

Besides, commercialization requires a popularization. The government will make a three-year plan for 5G application innovation, releases application case scenarios in a timely manner, provide stages to show application situations, organize innovation competitions, and support institutions and companies to set up labs.

In addition, the connections to industries are to be promoted by constructing 5G demonstration area to advance deep integration of 5G with intelligent manufacturing, industrial internet, big data, artificial intelligence, high-quality video, security control, etc. The government also will promote industrial agglomeration with a three-year motion plan to accelerate the development and industrialization of 5G core devices, and utilize 5G to support 4K/8k video industry. 

Last, the government will provide further support to create a 5G-friendly environment including developing green channels for 5G construction of power and communication, promoting sharing of facilities and public resources, strengthening public regulation and crackdown to illegal stations, popularizing 5G knowledge, and planning for a result display on the World Artificial Intelligence Conference. 

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