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World Innovators Meet 2019 Confirmed Guest Speakers

The fourth Industrial Revolution featured by big data and machine learning has opened a new chapter for not only global industry development but also a new tech innovation future with dynamics.

On Dec 6-8, 2019, World Innovators Meet 2019 (WIM2019) will be held at Beijing. Including the keynote conference – World Innovation Leaders Summit, WIM2019 will pay attention to certain topics in various fields: the investment trend, new retail’s transition, healthcare development, hardcore tech’s rise, 2B service and the industry Internet’s rapid growth.

Whilst, innovators the diverse backgrounds and different identity tags bring more possibilities and opportunities to the business world. WIM2019 invites speakers with various background and cross-border practical experience to share their forefront and enlightening ideas and thoughts. The boundaries between male and female, scientist and entrepreneurs, and the young and the experienced are blurred. Cross-border innovations are happening around and those who are passionate about starting up a new business should care less about the boundary and restrictions.

Themed “Technological Innovation 4.0”, WIM2019 invites frontier technological innovators from all over the world to share provoking ideas and inspiring thoughts. Speakers will cover topics in artificial intelligence, new retail, enterprise service, pan-healthcare, fintech, venture investments, et ale.

WIM2019 Speakers


Abhishek Chatterjee, Singapore, Founder & CEO of Tookitaki

Tookitaki is providing enterprise software solutions that create sustainable compliance programs for the financial services industry. They are innovating the regulatory compliance space by moving beyond rules-based applications and introducing software solutions to maximize efficiency and reduce risks in compliance processes. Their mission is to provide machine learning-powered regulatory compliance solutions that are auditable, scalable and actionable. Incorporated in Nov 2014 in Singapore, the company is led by a core team with cumulative 30-years experience in finance and machine learning. They are backed by institutional investors - Jungle Ventures, Spring Seeds (Singapore Government) and have a presence in the US, Singapore and India.

Asad Mahmood, Singapore, Founder & CEO of ConsoloAds

Mr. Asad Mahmood’s double roles of engineer and entrepreneur well prepares hm with product development and strategic visions. ConsoliAds founded him is a top-tier mobile advertising network for user acquisition and in-app monetization. It utilizes machine learning to do digital marketing effectively for its clients to better improve their performance. It has built partnership with PayPal, Amazon and other companies.

Bhushan Patil, India, Founder of Multiply Ventures

Multiply Ventures was jointly founded by Mr. Bhushan Patil, the former president of Paytm and former head of Alibaba’s B2B business, Raveen Sastr, the former co-founder of Indian fashion e-commerce Myntra, and Sanjay Rmakrishnan, the former director of Indian e-commerce platform Flipkart. Multiply Ventures invest in early-stage startups from Pre-Series A to Series A in new retail, online education, fintech, et ale.

Diaz Nesamoney, United States, Founder & CEO of Jivox

Jivox is a multi-screen interactive advertising technology company that aims to transform the way the world experiences digital marketing. It connects brands with their audiences in a personalized way by using big data, machine learning, and dynamic creative optimization (DCO) technology to serve relevant messages across all channels​, ​delivering 3X the engagement of non-personalized digital marketing. Integrating first-party, audience, and contextual data and Powered by Neuron™ Machine Learning technology, the Jivox omnichannel personalization platform delivers messages to consumers on-the-fly, helping brands deliver, at scale, thousands of hyper-personalized messages.

Hardika Shah, India, Founder & CEO of Kinara Capital

Kinara Capital was founded on 2011 and is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Kinara Capital provides flexible loans without property collateral to small business entrepreneurs. The company is focused on lending to growing businesses that require funding for working capital, capital assets, and start-up needs. Kinara Capital focuses on industries such as agri-products, handicraft production, water, food, and energy. Kinara Capital provides personalized customer service with a fast turnaround time by blending data-driven insights with a human touch. Led by a women-majority management team, Kinara Capital has impacted over half a million lives in India.

Iman Kusnadi, Indonesia, Founder & CEO of Ritase

Mr. Iman Kusnadi graduated from Universitas Katolik Parahyangan with an industrial engineering major. He once served Sephora Digital SEA as a director and a regional manager. With 15 years of experience in logistics and supply chain, he has profound insights in digital supply chain. He founded Ritase to actively advance the digitalization process of Indonesian truckling industry and help logistics companies elevate efficiency.

Indranil Roychowdhury, Singapore, Co-founder & CEO of Docquity

Docquity helps doctors and physicians to find, connect & collaborate with trusted peers, specialists andother professionals over a secured doctors-only platform. Up to now, Docquity’s community has more than 10,000 verified doctors and over 10,000 shared real clinical case. It partners with over 100 medical communities and provides related services in several countries.

Joseph Healy, Australia, Co-CEO of Judo Bank

Judo Bank is an Australian fintech unicorn founded in 2017. It provides various financial solutions for SME business. Granted full ADI by APRA (Australian Prudential Regulation Authority), Judo is the leading digital bank for SMEs in Australia. The company created a record - the biggest financing amount among all Australian’s startups with a deal amount of USD 400 million in August 2019. Currently, the Australian unicorn’s valuation is close to USD 2 billion.

Kunal Kapoor,United Arab Emirates, the CEO of The Luxury Closet

Kunal Kapoor is the former sales director of Louis Vuitton. In 2011, he founded The Luxury Closet, the second-handed luxury fashion online marketplace. The company has over 300,000 members from more than 50 countries and its website’s MAU is nearly 6 million.

Liew Choon Lian, Malaysia, Chairman & CEO of MDT Innovations

MDT Innovations is a member of MDT Group of Companies incorporated in Malaysia in 2004. The company specializes in component engineering, highly strategic consulting services, software design, and embedded intelligent wireless sensor focusing on IoT (Internet of Things), flat panel displays, and mobile information technologies. MDTi offers the following products and services to its main target verticals, which are telecommunications, aviation, education, and retails.

Madhusudan Ekambaram, India, Co-founder & CEO of KrazyBee

KrazyBee is India's Largest Student Credit Platform, where college students can purchase anything online, and pay back later via flexible monthly payments. KrazyBee has multiple offerings ranging from financial aid for e-commerce purchases to two-wheeler loans, semester loans and even cash loans. Krazyzee has registered users of more than 300,000.

Mark Koh, Malaysia, Co-founder & CEO of Supahands

Supahands prepares clean and accurate datasets to train machine learning or artificial intelligence algorithms by integrating its proprietary technology with its crowdsourced human intelligence. The CAGR of Supahands in the past three years reached 400% and it serves clients from continent to continent. With a core team member count of 35, Supahands manages a 2,000-member team in SEA.

Rosaline Chow Koo, Singapore, Founder & CEO of CXA Group

CXA Group is a technology startup founded in 2013 by industry veteran Rosaline Chow Koo. CXA brings evidence-based wellness into the workplace to improve employee health and control healthcare costs. Through the CXA platform, employers can empower employees with access to personalized health and lifestyle offerings, with clear and quantifiable ROI for the business.

Sayandeb Banerjee, India, Co-founder & CEO of TheMathCompany

TheMathCompany was founded in September 2016. It is an artificial intelligence and machine learning company formed by more than 300 data scientists, data engineering, data consultants and data visualization experts. Founded for 3 years, it has built cooperation with over 30 Fortune 500 companies in the U.S., the U.K., Singapore, and other regions from various industries including CPG, retail, insurance, banking, et ale.

On December 6-8, WIM2019 sets to inspire the world’s most innovative minds in Beijing. Welcome all innovators that are passionate to change the world and make differences.

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