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WIM Salon is a technology and innovation-focused event organized by EqualOcean.

Blockchain has been in the limelight for a while. The concept, which is yet to enter the stage of widespread application, has taken its rightful place among the key buzzwords in global tech circles.

Since 2008, when ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ introduced blockchain as the technology underpinning cryptocurrency Bitcoin, China has grown into one of the leading hubs where multiple enterprises are involved in the race for future game-changing business solutions. With its continuous interplay between the central government, enormous digital corporations and the offspring of the local burgeoning startup scene, the country is now presenting, perhaps, the most dynamic blockchain ecosystem in the world.

In March, EqualOcean published the ‘Blockchain, China’s Story’ research report where we dug into the domain, dissecting the leading players’ strategies and determining the most promising application scenarios that are likely to play out in the near future.

This time, we will gather four eminent industry insiders to discuss this and related topics. Here are the speakers (the list is presented in alphabetical order by company name): 


Antonio Grasso, Digital Business Innovation Srl, founder and CEO

With over 35 years of IT project experience, Antonio is a well-known influencer in the digital space. Collaborating with global technology behemoths, including Atos, Cisco, Ericsson, Huawei, IBM, Intel and Siemens, to name a few, he is also a mentor to numerous startups worldwide. Based in Naples, Italy, Mr. Grasso’s company Digital Business Innovation Srl is devoted to bringing digital transformation to small and mid-sized enterprises. 


Cao Jing, Fuzamei, VP

A Zhejiang University graduate, Mr. Cao is a veteran on the Chinese blockchain scene. Fuzamei Technology, where he is a vice president at the moment, is one of a few local blockchain startups that operate on in-house-built architecture. After five years of development, the company’s brainchild was named Chain33 and turned open-source in November 2018. 


William Genovese, Huawei, VP of corporate strategy planning for banking and financial markets

Over his quarter-century tech career, Mr. Genovese has been moving all across the world, holding positions at big-league corporations such as IBM, KPMG, and Wells Fargo Bank. He is currently responsible for the development of Huawei’s strategy in the financial services sector, focusing on cutting-edge technologies and emerging business concepts. Mr. Genovese is also involved in a handful of fintech-related projects in the Greater China region and beyond. 


Mark Xuan, Ziggurat IT, co-founder

A co-founder of Xi’an-based Ziggurat, Mr. Xuan is also running a blockchain finance research center at Tsinghua University. Ziggurat is a formal member of Hyperledger, focusing on blockchain applications in the financial and public fields. The company has developed and marketed multiple solutions for areas like supply chain finance, smart cities and food traceability; it currently holds over 200 patents and software copyrights.

Starting at 7:30 pm (GMT+8) on April 26, the webinar will take 80-odd minutes.

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