Dongfeng Motor Launches High-end EV Brand VOYAH
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Image Credit: Dongfeng Motor News

On July 29, Dongfeng Motor launched its new premium EV brand VOYAH and its first model VOYAH i-land. VOYAH i-land is a sports car that is scheduled to be available for sale in July 2021. According to Dongfeng, VOYAH has scheduled 9 models, including SUV, MPV, etc. and will release at least one model each year for the next 3-5 years.

Most Chinese OEMs have published their premium EV brands in recent years. Like its competitors, Dongfeng Motor is planning to play a more important role in the coming intelligent vehicle age. Many Chinese OEMs chose high-end sports cars as their first models to display on the market. For instance, when BAIC BJEV published its high-end brand ARCFOX in 2016, it also released the sports car model ARCFOX GT. While 3 years later, the BAIC BJEV’s first model available for sale turned out to be a mid-level SUV ARCFOX αT. (Read more about BAIC BJEV’s EV development here.) It is possible that VOYAH will choose to push a mid-level model that is more affordable for customers to the market first.

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