ByteDance Threatens Legal Action Against Trump's Ban
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On August 7, ByteDance's Toutiao announced its response to the United States' government executive orders.

ByteDance said it was shocked by this latest order issued by President Trump – the order did not follow due process of law. In the past year, ByteDance has been seeking sincerely to communicate with the US government – and ByteDance provided constructive solutions to their concerns.

ByteDance stated its intention to make every effort to take all feasible measures to ensure that the rule of law is not abandoned and that "[our] company and users are treated fairly." If the US government cannot treat ByteDance's company and users fairly, they will resort to the US courts.

For 100 million American users, TikTok is their go-to platform to express themselves, entertain, and connect. ByteDance declared that it wants these users to know that TikTok never has and will never change its commitment. It always put user safety and community trust first. As TikTok users, creators, partners and family members, they have the right to express their opinions to all lawmakers, including the White House and US government. Their voices also have the right to be heard.

Editor: Luke Sheehan

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