Overseas Talent Entrepreneurial Conference Finale Brings a Sparkle to WIM 2020
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Read on to discover the final winners of the OTEC 2020.

On September 5, the 8th Overseas Talent Entrepreneurship Conference (OTEC) ‘Data Intelligence and New Infrastructure’ competition was brilliantly executed as part of EqualOcean’s World Innovators Meet, or WIM Salon, with collaboration and support from the Beijing Chaoyang Government.

Along with a handful of Chaoyang High-level Officials, ten senior executives and investors, two outstanding entrepreneurs and a dozen innovative contestant teams, we witnessed yet another day of splendid transformative innovation unfold.

As a subdivision track of the OTEC entrepreneurial competition, the Data Intelligence and New Infrastructure track hosted by EqualOcean welcomed over 70+ top quality, game-changing projects, with innovators converging from 19 countries worldwide. After two rounds of fierce competition, 12 projects stood out and were shortlisted for the Finals. Many of the teams were composed of top executives and consultants from well-known international institutions, doctors and professors from top-tier universities, as well as elites from Forbes’ ‘30 Under 30’ list.

The final results which we have long been waiting for, as follows:

Claiming the first place and a generous prize from the Chaoyang Government, we have Beijing BosonQ Technology Co., Ltd.’s ‘Next Generation Large Scale Quantum AI Co-Processor,’ followed by Shanghai Ming Geng Network Technology Co., Ltd.’s ‘Panda AI Technology’ and Beijing Ou Yi An Dun’s ‘Security Intelligent Platform Based on AI’ claiming second and third places respectively.

To kick-off the Finals, of behalf of the Chaoyang District High-level Talent Service Centre, Representative and Deputy Director Mr. Lei Zhang delivered a remarkable speech emphasizing the significance of Data Intelligence and New Infrastructure development in Chaoyang District and highlighting policy advantages to welcome those who want to start off their entrepreneurship endeavor in the district. The Deputy Director of the CBD Management Committee, Mr. Zhaoyu Qu, Director of the Chaoyang District Production Centre,  Mr. Yuebin Liu, and the Deputy Director of the Innovation Department of Chaoyang Park Management Committee, Mr. Yiqiao Wang, also came to invite all elite innovators to join in.

Next up, Mr. Fan Zhang, Vice President of EO Company and Co-founder of EqualOcean, spoke on behalf of EqualOcean’s flagship core business, WIM. He mentioned that New Infrastructure development is a data-driven, interactive, and highly interconnected dynamic system, also suggested in a 2020 report co-produced by EO Intelligence, Foxconn Industrial Internet and Tencent Cloud. His remarks echoed conclusions in a recent report from EO Intelligence, the ‘2020 New Infrastructure Outlook Research Report’, that “the final output of New Infrastructure will be a new form of industrial product, driven by novel technologies and novel applications – an overall novel dimension triggered by novel players.” Further, Mr. Fan Zhang expressed his strong optimism regarding the future prospects of Data Intelligence and New Infrastructure, fuelled by optimism around the arrival of the 5G era; he suggested that, by 2025, China’s data storage capacity will surge more than ten times, bringing about a market worth USD 126 billion.

Finally, we were honored to have two esteemed guests who had previously participated in the OTEC, to share their invaluable entrepreneurial experiences in Chaoyang, including Mr. Xin Wang from Cardinal Operations and Mr. Stuart Oda from Alesca Life.

Once again, we congratulate the 12 superb teams for their exceptional achievements at the OTEC.

12 outstanding contestants:

(Listed in alphabetical order)

AI-Based Virtual Try-on (AR/VR) SaaS Technologies

AI Solution for Industry Quality Detected

BaoJiang AI

Customer Experience Management Platform

Development and Industrialization of High-Reliability Radiation-Resistant MCU Chip

Dexterous Intelligent Robot


Hyperautomation Systems for Enterprise Process

Next-Generation Large Scale Quantum AI Co-Processor

Non-Neumann Architecture for Network Computing

Panda AI Technology

Security Intelligent Platform Based on AI

Community Partners:

(Listed in alphabetical order)

*Contributor: WIM Committee | Editor: Luke Sheehan
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