Four A-Shares Logistics Companies: Recovering from COVID-19 in Q3 2020
COVID-19 and China
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Four leading A-Shares logistics companies, SF Express, YTO Express, Yunda Holdings, STO Express, have released third-quarter reports, marking revenues of CNY 109.59 billion, CNY 23.42 billion, CNY 23.09 billion, CNY 14.71 billion respectively from January to September. SF Express and YTO Express achieved revenues increase of 39.13% and 8.34% year-on-year separately, while Yunda Holdings’ and STO Express’s revenues experienced 4.81% and 6.03% drop. All four companies gained positive net profit during the nine months, and SF Express earned the most (CNY 5.60 billion).

SF Express completed 5.67 billion parcel deliveries in the first nine months of 2020, outstripping the total for the previous year 2019. The company’s nine month revenue tally has come close to the total for the previous year (CNY 112.19 billion) as well. Through its superior internet, along with high cold chain capacity, aviation capacity, and other high-end resources, SF Express recovered fastest from COVID-19 and even gained better performance.

As for Yunda Holdings, although the company’s net profit diminished to CNY 1.02 billion, down 47.83% year-on-year in the nine months, the company completed 4.01 billion parcel deliveries in the first nine months of 2020, up 54.4% year-on-year, remarkably higher than the sector average (37.9%). Besides, six leading securities companies published Q3 research reports of Yunda Express and gave buy ratings, including Huatai Securities and Everbright Securities. This reflects the market's confidence in Yunda Express.

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