ByteDance Acquires Technical Content Sharing Platform Xitu Juejin
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According to Chinese media, ByteDance completed the acquisition of the technical content sharing platform Xitu Juejin a few months ago. Yueying, the former 360 senior technical director and web front-end chief architect, is responsible for operations.

Founded in 2014, Xitu Juejin is a platform for discovering and sharing high-quality content based on Internet technology, including daily selected content under iOS, Android, front-end, back-end, and design. The content distribution of new technologies is mainly for technology developers, product managers and operators of Internet companies.

The company completed a total of 3 rounds of financing with investors including Future Capital, Geek Founders, Zhangmen Technology, Peeli Ventures and Shangshi Fund. After completing a CNY 20 million A round of financing in 2017, the company reached a post-valuation of CNY 130 million.

Xitu Juejin is the fourth start-up company acquired by Bytedance in 2020. The remaining three are the medical science knowledge platform Baike, the container platform CaiCloud, and the mathematical thinking education product Nipaiyi. 

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