NIO Launches 100 kWh Battery with CATL Nickel 55 Ternary Cell
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On November 6, 2020, NIO launched the 100 kWh battery which features thermal propagation prevention, all-climate thermal management systems, bi-directional cloud Battery management systems (BMS) and a highly integrated design. The 100 kWh battery is designed based on the CATL Nickel 55 Ternary Cell and Cell To Pack (CTP) group technology. 

The NIO 100 kWh battery is equipped with the world's first bi-directional cloud BMS, which can automatically adjust parameters according to different working conditions. Its all-climate thermal management systems enable temporary control efficiency to be improved by 30%. Moreover, the volume utilization ratio increases by 19.8%, while the battery capacity increases by 42% compared with the NIO 70 kWh battery. With NIO 100 kWh battery, the endurance millage of EC6 is expected to reach 615 km, while ES6 and ES8 reach 610 km and 580 km respectively.

The battery with Nickel 55 Ternary Cell is the 'fuming without burning' battery NIO's battery supplier CATL mentioned at the World New Energy Vehicle Congress 2020. The chairman of CATL, Dr. Robin Zeng, revealed at the congress that CATL was planning to start mass production of this kind of battery by the end of 2020. The NIO 100 kWh battery seems to be the first batch. According to CATL, in the future, the leading battery company will keep exploring the high-voltage cobalt-free area and metal-free battery system. 

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