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EqualOcean is positioned at the forefront of the global economic paradigm shift.

We leverage a rich understanding of business processes across multiple technology-driven industries. Combining deep expertise and systematic approach, we help our clients meet various challenges and capture value in the ever-changing market environment.

Our strategic machine is powered by precise data, meticulous analysis and fast-paced reporting. Through rigorous research and peer learning, we help Chinese executives to venture into global markets as well as overseas companies to gain a foothold and eventually thrive in China.

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Industry coverage

China has long been presenting tremendous opportunities for domestic and overseas investors. Nowadays, the country's opening up story has expanded this phenomenon to reach beyond secondary markets.

EqualOcean is committed to keeping you informed.

We follow the world’s most prominent tech-driven enterprises and regularly publish news reports and industry insights on a handful of key sectors such as automotive, manufacturing, healthcare, education and retail. We are also reporting with exclusive depth in English on the Shanghai Stock Exchange Sci-Tech Innovation Board (the SSE Star Market).


In a market economy, research opens the doors of business intelligence. It is supposed to be objective, independent and insightful to help companies achieve superlative business outcomes.

We keep an eye on various markets and industries, breaking into numerous emerging sub-sectors in China and beyond. We offer fast, reliable and precisely tailored research support for your paramount strategic decisions.


Keeping up with the ever-changing regulatory landscape, monitoring fast-paced innovations and scrutinizing diverse risks are key to assisting entrepreneurs and investors within China and globally.

Our analysts and experts have specializations in varied fields and knowledge of major world languages to help delineate a nuanced plan for your success.

We offer a set of advisory services to our partners and clients.


Even in the digital era, industry players need efficient ways to build strong, long-term connections across the world. Offline activities thereby remain the best way to construct a solid and diverse global business network.

We help innovative companies to build brands with striking events and peer-learning in China. Inviting industry leaders and attracting large-scale, motivated audiences is a vital growth activity that we have been practicing for years.

EqualOcean events gather over 50,000 people annually at the heart of the great Chinese metropolises, Beijing and Shanghai.

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