World Innovators Meet 2019


Entrepreneurs are thirsty for innovative ideas. They are determined to challenge the status quo and often risk for a better cause. As disruptive innovation brings both opportunities and threats, only risk-takers might eventually become the game-changers. WIM is here, for innovators like you.

From E-commerce to New Retail: Where is the Next Amazon or Alibaba?
The U.S. and China are two pioneers in e-commerce industry with presence like Amazon and Alibaba, the giants in this field. E-commerce innovators mushroomed in South and Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. Where can we expect and find the next Amazon or Alibaba in the world? How will the next generation of e-commerce be distinguished from Amazon and Alibaba?
Industrial Internet and B2B: Can the Spring be Everlasting?
It is a phenomenon in the world that B2B enterprises listed in 2019 are sought-after in secondary market. Meanwhile, the B2B-realted investment deal count bursted in the first half of 2019. Led by giants Alibaba and Teccent, industrial Internet, which is closely related to B2B, has been a trending-up topic in China. Innovators in the industry has long been enjoying a honeymoon time, but how much longer will the situation last?
From AI to AIoT: When Can We Expect AIoT with 5G Tech?
The forth revolution of science and technology is in the ascendant, and artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G are the critical drivers. What are the rising opportunities with 5G + AI? AIoT, Artificial Intelligence of Things, is an electricfying track for startups and investors. However, how long can we expect AIoT even with a promising prospect. Plus, when should different types of innovators enter the field?
Big Health Innovation: Who Will Evolve First? Global Issue or Solution?
Humans always want to further extend longetivity and to improve life quality. The harsh reality tells that thousands of diseases take away millions of lives every year; the extended longetivity brings social issues like social healthcare secirity and pension fund's dificit in many countries; innovations in Big Health area takes longer than those in other industries. Big Health's innovation is critical social stability, but we must ask that whether new global issue comes faster or innovative solution?
Fintech Innovation: How to Clear Innovation's Side Effects?
We innovate in fintech for good cause while the side effects of tech development come along. In the past few years, millions of people in the world encountered schemes and frauds on types of financial platforms. This rising concern has become the most imperative issue for innovators to solve.
Behemoth's Innovation in AI Era: Can Giant Tap Dance?
Among global top 10 companies ranked market cap, seven out of them are tech giants. In the book The Innovator's Dilemma, it says, " companies become larger and more successful, it becomes even more difficult to enter emerging markets early enough..." in artificial intelligence era, behemoths are stressed by innovation. Innovate or disappear?
World Investment Trend: Bet on Replication or Innovation?
For world venture capitalists, the difference in development implies investment opportunities. When looking for opportunities in emerging markets, should investors encourage local innovations or replicate business models that have proven successful in more mature markets? If investors were to combine both approaches, what is the best way to make a blend?
Young Generation's Innovation: How to Surpass Predecessors?
There is no dispute that most of the young generation in the world live at a less-ideal time comparing to their predecessors, not only because of the slowing-down enconomic growth. Under such a climate, it is commonly accepted that the young need to take times of efforts to climb to the same height as their predecessors did. Walking the same path left by predecessors will not lead to a new destination, then here comes the question: where is the new path?
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