Why Attend | World Innovators Meet 2020

World Innovators Meet(WIM) is beyond an event - WIM is a platform and a community.
WIM invites investors from top VC firms as well as entrepreneurs worldwide to share the upfront technological development trend and communicate the practical innovation-related practice. At WIM, a number of analysis reports from a variety of sectors are published each year; World Innovators Awards announced at the conference, announcing the industry-leading entrepreneurs and enterprises across different sectors and regions.
WIM 2020 is your chance to connect with the most sought-after innovators, learn best practices and get information of the latest innovations and trends. Given the success of WIM2019, WIM2020 will take on a bolder stance and adopt a more global outlook by taking the form of an online conference that will be streamed simultaneously in all the respective countries and regions that champion the realm of Technology and Innovation.
In 2020, the new coronavirus (as of August 27) has infected 24,011,502 people worldwide and caused 821,909 deaths. The production and consumption of most countries and regions worldwide are in desperate straits, and the economy is experiencing negative per capita income growth. Meanwhile, black swan events and global uncertainty has increased unprecedentedly. Furthermore, there have been actions such as” Clean Network" that attempt to further divide the world. How can the world continue to develop peacefully and achieve win-win results?
To some extent, our global dependence and exchanges did suffer deterioration and stagnation as a result of the pandemic. However, amidst all the chaos, we do see evidence of innovators around the world who have not given up their hopes and efforts of using technological innovation to make the world a better place.
Therefore, we believe that the world needs to be even more interconnected for the betterment of mankind. WIM 2020 completely abandons offline activities this time, use digital means and technology to connect with global innovators. As China opening its gate to welcome technological innovation companies from overseas - to root, to grow, and to thrive; As Chinese companies and venture capital firms are actively expanding their business map. At WIM2020, we are embracing change.

Here is your chance to meet other innovators,

we look forward to e-connecting with you!